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A "daily" setting for allergy medication

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I took a dupe with allergies under the assumption that I could store the medication outside their bedroom with a buddy bud nearby. They'd wake up, have an allergic reaction, and take the medication right away.

The problem I ran into is that the antihistamine effect lasts 1.2 cycles. So when they wake up the next morning, they won't have a reaction for another .2 cycles, and won't take their medicine. So the timing of their allergic reaction is always changing, and they have to run to the nearest medicine storage (while sneezing) to get cured. I wasn't going to place medicine fridges all over the colony.

(The other problem I ran into is they wanted to go to the bathroom and eat before they took their medicine. But I was fine triggering the reaction on the way out of the dining hall instead.)

Obviously you can simply keep them from running into floral scent but I was hoping to use the medicine because I thought it was a cool idea.

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