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Beefalo Notification and Security

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I wrote this because I want more Security and to be more aware of what is happening when Taming a Beefalo, as I found it a pretty Fun thing to do

Beefalo Healthbar Meter - I think that the Beefalo should display his Healthbar, just like the Boat does. I don't think it's necessary to overflow the screen with things such as Obedience, Hunger, and Domestication. 

Why only the Healthbar? That's because you turn into the Beefalo when you are riding it, which makes not soo much sense for it to not show. I mean, imagine playing your Character without seeing your Health, you know? It also would help to know when it's Dying, how much damage it has taken, or if it is Healed Fully by now. I don't like that I can't see it for the Beefalo, as taming one takes quite a bit of time and resources, and I can't even use him fully in Combat because I don't know how much Hp he has left. In Summary, I'm probably using only 20% of his Health to tank every time, as the Risk of him to be Dying and not knowing is way too big. That's why the Healthbar, as it seems to be the most important one. Also, it won't overflow the Screen with additional info

Bell makes the Beefalo stop Fighting - This one seems important to me, too. Last time, I was out of the Beefalo and he got hit by a Rook. I tried to make the Beefalo stop Fighting, but he just didn't, and in turn, he just died. I think that there should be a way to Call the Beefalo to you when he's Fighting, as he can end up dying in these situations, which are not very fun. It doesn't need to be the Bell to do it

CTRL + F to hit the Beefalo - I think that it's very dumb that you can hit the Beefalo just by Clicking on him accidentally. You lose 30% of Domestication doing it, which is unfair to me. Why can I hit him soo easily when he's an Ally and my Mount? Who would even want to hit a Beefalo that they have been Taming for a long time?

AN ANIMATION OF 5-10 SECONDS WHEN HE'S GOING TO DROP THE SADDLE - This one is one of the most important ones for me. I don't like that when I'm riding a Beefalo for too long, and come down to do something, the next moment, he Drops my Saddle. This one feels unfair to me, as he can just do it. It feels as if I need to remember myself every time to feed him an Unknown Number of times every single time that I get out of the Beefalo. I think that what happens is this: 

Feed him 6 Twigs to Mount -  Obedience 60% - Mount - Ride for 80 Seconds - Obedience Drops to 0 while you are Riding - Dismount to do something - Drops the Saddle.

What do you guys think? Also, how do you guys deal with these Situations? I would like to know, especially the Saddle one, as making it is a bit Cost for me, for it to be happening pretty often when he's at a High Domestication level...

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