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Please add support for mouse on steam deck

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Hi Klei, 


I’m and avid fan of your games and I was curious if anybody else wanted this in your games too. I love to play Don’t Starve Together on the pc, but I also have a steam deck. I know this is a relatively meager change to ask for, but it would have me over the moon if you were to add mouse support at the same time for steam deck controls. I understand that the Linux version of the game had keyboard and mouse support, but I would REALLY rather not go though the trouble of making an entirely new control system just for this one feature, also the control setup keeps resetting to Xbox controller on steam deck. Anyway, I would LOVE it if you were to add steam deck mouse support for things like Wortox’s teleportation and other things of that sort. Thank you for paying so much attention to the DST community, have an amazing day.

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8 hours ago, Logsphinx said:

I'd love that too.

If you change the settings while you are in a world, it should stay that way until you disconnect. It's still unplayable for me due to the mouse cursor being stuck outside of the screen.

The new Steamos preview fixes the issue!


edit: along with that, you can play without a keyboard and mouse and just use the deck on its own.

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