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More Woodie tweaks for the pile

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The Wereforms should not be affected by the Piggyback speed penalty.
I think I remember this being a thing, then fixed a while back, but it's such a cool addition for a character who would really enjoy it! I recently started using the Piggyback and it's so nice having that extra inventory for the logs, lunar resources, spider drops... it's practically made for Woodie since all 3 of the Wereforms in some capacity can farm/gather lots of items that take up space. Having the Piggyback drawback not apply only in the Wereforms would encourage it's use more when you go on supply runs, and create a more interesting dynamic since maybe you want to switch between it and a regular backpack, or eat the 10% debuff for the convenience when you transform? It'd be really cool!

Let Moose carry heavy objects.
I've always felt there's been a disconnect between how strong the Moose FEELS and how strong the Moose actually is. Of course this isn't a reason to give it dark sword damage or higher armor, but I feel that the Moose should lean more into the big hulking beast the animations, music, and sound effects suggest. Having the Moose be able to pick up and charge with heavy objects not only would tie nicely into this aspect, but also make rushing Lunar much more interesting since you could utilize the Moose to carry the Lunar Altar parts to a socket. Of course there's also statues and shadow pieces, but it's another way the change would uniquely benefit Woodie in an interesting way!

I have more ideas but these two are the ones that I feel are the least invasive while still adding something interesting to the character. I know these Woodie threads have been done to death, but there's a reason why. He's got something missing, a few small pieces of the puzzle to make him complete.

Anyways, if you want to suggest something or talk about some other tweaks/changes you have in mind, please do! :D 

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