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some ideas about Maxwell.

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Can we have a new kind of shadow duelist? They can help Maxwell fight from a distance (they can survive more safely and won't attract boss hatred), but they will only attack the same enemy as Maxwell when he attacks. When Maxwell stops attacking, they will stop attacking. This would encourage Maxwell to join the fight and concentrate on the enemy, rather than considering both the enemy and the Shadow duelist.

We can keep the current Shadow duelist and re evaluate their costs. Then Maxwell will have two fighting styles: warrior and summoner. When he is a warrior, we can use the new Shadow Warrior, enjoy fighting with the enemy and have additional remote support. Of course, he needs to face the enemy and bear the attack like other survivors. When he is the summoner, he can use the current Shadow Warrior. He needs to constantly supplement the Shadow Warrior lost in the fight and use magic to prevent the enemy from attacking him - this will consume more nightmare fuel and restore SAN food. Just like other survivors can face the boss by consuming a lot of armor and food to restore life, it will not make the game easy and boring.We can freely choose different fighting styles to obtain different fighting fun.

The Shadow Servant can be subdivided into loggers and miners (we almost never need to dig and cut at the same time), and both of they will have the ability to pick up things. We will have two kinds of shadow servants to collect resources, two kinds of shadow soldiers to help fight, and two kinds of magic to provide special help, which will make the Codex menu more beautiful.

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