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suggestion to klei

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ive got a few ideas for the maxwell rework because i feel like he has just become a character that can stun and dish out a BIG amount of damage. 

First Idea: A Link to the play.

I felt that the little bit of drama update was.. disappointing. Linking this to maxwell update would make sense, too! maybe maxwell can do the play and learn more items to embed with shadow magic? like getting to the end of play allows him to embed a walking cane, which focuses the servants/duelists area of effect to maxwell? maybe doing this would be a permanent "upgrade", but the trade off is that the servants cost more durability? 

Second Idea: Buff servants and NERF DUELISTS AND PRISONS

servants should, at the least, give all items in their radius to maxwell, instead of dying mid-collect. my idea was that maxwell could cast a spell that would refocus the servants, for 10% of the codex's durability. and for the prison nerf just make it so that the casting animation is longer so you cant stunlock mobs, but maybe that was your intention?

i really hope someone reads this!!

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