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My sincere Opnion about this last batch of changes After a full day of playing it non stop(and wormwood sugestion)

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Shadow servants
- Shadow servants AI is problematic, they fear things that they shoud not fear, like nigthmare creatures, that makes the combo that even klei is sugesting us to use (bone helm) spawn serval of them, and they for some reason fear lureplant bulbs ( not talking about the eyes just bulbs) = make them not fear them 
-Shadow servants some times die's to quckly when trying to give stuff to maxwell, sometimes i dont have the time go get everything in a chest or any storage, because if an stack of 20 is in the ground they will try to give it to you till die= they should wait more time or not die at all bry trying to give you stuff, or at least not get full stacks of 20 on ground
-sometimes they get stuck in fences, or just die trying to get to maxwell because of fences( better AI in general)

shadow snares
they should work in more mobs, or work in a better way( more range or easier to use) feels strange
but they are great to farm fuel

shadow walls
fine as is
But bosses should not be able to be stuck like Dragonfly they should at least try to hit back

Cast times

those are terrible, should be faster or better yesterday i died when i was placing an snare on bunnymen, in mid cast an terrobeak spawned and i could not do anything( situational but is frustrating)

Shadow duellists
Now for the can of worms of the update the more controversial part
- magic tiers either should not exist diference between them, or an buff to the OG Combo ( nigth armor sword and tophat) and an deserved buff for fuel weaver set, because turible is just terrible and DPS loss in all times, bone helm makes figthing solo or as a group with the shadows abnoxious, one mistake is GG serval shadow creatures wanting you dead, bone armor is fine by me (maybie be moved to tier 4 with bone helm? idk)
- if they cant do decent damage , and you cant safetely spam them they should tank more because 44 damage is mediocre( and is the only way that they will probably live longer against bosses with you figthing with them, and with fuel weaver combo is an total DPS loss compared to figth with them, so they should tank a little more like past updates
OR buff the damages of them, but most people will flag as OP

- making the agrro consistent. or mobs goes for maxwell or mobs choses the shadow servants, because one servant attacked one bunny man, and all of them aggroed on me because he used the dash attack... ( or making the dash target the duellists)

Magical tophat
Making it feel more importat to maxwell, having it's sanity boost equal of an tham o' shanter for maxwell, because i want to use it in every day, but i end only using the crown, because his stats isnt no were near even tam o shanter, because maxwell HAD once 20 San/ minute in DS and it was fun and totally unique, so i know it is not 20 but is cool to have an gap on his own gear to reach the 20 cap or near it

Shadow Thurible

Maybie it being change to an weapon for maxwell only, just like wanda's alarming clock, so it would be an viable source of damage

New chester form that mimic shadow chester but isnt linked to maxwell 

a friend of mine is frustrated because he used chester as an portable bag of seeds, but now he cant do that, so i think it should be good for everyone a new chester

Root chest for wormwood
people is always asking for some wormwood love, and well so many people tougth of maxwell being able to have an storage being OP, maybie worm should have an separated chest that could be used even between shards just like in DS solo
the code is pratically there isnt it? would not be hard just port  i think

thank you @Thundario Watt for the fotage

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one more thing, shadow walls should not aggro on friendly mobs, i tried to kill bee queen with friendly loyal merms, using the merm mask, and feeding normal merms near them, u used the shadow walls, even though it didnt do damage to them, they agroed on me and killed me

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