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Maxwell could use his shadow inventory to equip his shadows

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The shadow inventory could be used to equip his shadows with abilities, armor, and weapons. This could be used instead of the current “Maxwell damage wardrobe” which is used now.

Then one could balance inventory space with fighting... or maybe even gathering? Or maybe the two trap spells could be boosted with consumables?

If this needs to be balanced then shadows can consume more or less durability compared to a normal player.

Now there is a very obvious problem: this is shared inventory! So multiple Maxwell’s only have these slots. Hmm. Well, it might be possible to either expand on or change the shadow inventory idea. You see Maxwell is kind of like Old Wanda in that you might not really feel safe without a backpack. And with an eyebrella you might need to ditch the backpack. Now the shadow inventory inventory can compensate for that. But what if you also added another, perhaps smaller (six slots for six minions?) inventory that he can use?

The point is that the “shared shadow space” could coincide with “minion inventory space”. Perhaps with some overlap. And they both could be used for normal storage.

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