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A public servers boss rush and Woody's wild RNG ride.

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So i joined a public server that just freshly started.  its day 3 everyone is exploring the world felt like a good day to play as some one diffrent so i chose woody.  I set off to explore, discover a future spot for base or find base and set up jerky racks and tents for my journey to try mastering woodys curse.  along the way i found the public base already set up on day 5 in a pig king biom they needed food so i got my spear got my armor and began to follow some tracks to hunt a juicy and fine meal.  Unfortunetly the end of the track turned out to be a varg close to base and we had to deal with quickly or it could cause serious trouble so we delt with it.  another hunt later and that road also was met with a ewcus so i turned moose and fought it with a wigfrids help after slaying the vile sheep i smashed a few trees with the remaining moose time i had only to ram directly into a poison burch nut tree with the timer up i turn back to normal and instantly die resulting in quite the laugh in the server for such rotten luck.  not to worry i got revived at a touch stone i found earlyer and continued my search around the map after i got some food.

later on we needed a bird cage but sense we didnt know where the spiders where currently i traded with a catcoon for random stuff in hopes of finding a live bird (yes thats a thing) after about 9-10 so traded it coughed up a live cannary and i gave it to the team.

once we finally where ready for the boss fights i got my jerky racks and tents set up and joined the fights using only the moose for fun.  a team of 3 players a woody a wigfrid and a wanda ready to fight the world was both a combo i wasnt expecting to be so suprisingly effective with one able to tank and provide easy wood, one able to provide healing and helmets as well as damage, and one able to hang back and revive anyone who got too reckless.

on that day i never held the f button for so long in a fight with only 2 deaths happening in the run (beequeen who died just as fast as i did) (and the Champion whos phase 2 is very talented a blending up my armor to wood chips)

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