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About the Maxwell update

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There have been a number of suggestions for the Maxwell update.Taking the advice of players is nice.But Maxwell's abilities and skills have changed too many times.There is no Maxwell update that can satisfy everyone.Someone thinks it's too powerful,someone thinks it's too weak.Seriously,Maxwell is my favourite character in DST,but i dont know which place is suitable for Maxwell.Before the beta update,Maxwell is not a powerful character.Only collecting logs and stones at the first of the game is his strengths.But i still loved choosing him.He's pretty cool.The king of shadows.He was puppet king.And Now he is making shadow puppets.After the beta update,Maxwell will be stronger than before.Characters are not the same strong,although they have different abilities,they can be compared.So when taking players' suggestions,the creaters' opinions are more important.I hope the Maxwell update will fit the story and also fit the game.Thank you for reading my suggestion.

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