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core experiences and some suggestions to beta 530195

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  I totally agree with the idea that maxwell need to participate in battle, this makes maxwell unique.

  And i also like the beta 529998, it make maxwell weaker in begin and stronger in after.

  So what problem with this beta? there are my experience in new beta:

  1.I can't fight with a thurible!

  yeah it has the best damage addition, but it only deal 10 damage per hit! that makes me frustrated.

  meanwhile,nightmare sword and thulecite bat has high damage, but its buff are to weak.

  it's paradox, for high damage per hit of shadow duelist, i need to wear thurible and kite often to avoid fight,  but for faster attack speed of them, i need to equip sword and   fight often.

  so i think it would be better to give thurible a new function, and level up the damage addition of fuel weapon to courage player fight.

  2.thulecite equipment need more damage addition!

  When i wear my rare, expensive thulecite armor, i found desperately that my shadow duelists only get 8 point damage!

  that's really frustrating, man. 

  nightmare armor need more damage addition too! In the risk of sanity drain, i need more damage.

  3.wearing bone armor and fighting with monsters is fun!

  You must make your controls subtle to avoid attack the shadow monsters, it'fun, in such high risk, player need more reward.

  so when player equip bone armor and bone helmet, they should give extra damage addition buff to shadow duelists.

  and monsters will more intent to target maxwell, making  maxwell spell the shadow prison to  trap monsters and keep safe.

  4.Believe in you, klei, please make maxwell great again!

  Player need a brand new, has unique game experience, and fun character!

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