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Maxwell shadow-related ability suggestions (Lore-themed)

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No 1

Fortress of the Mind = Creates a circle / dome-shaped barrier that will reduce any sanity loss effect by 50%. Nightmare Creatures will not be able to attack Maxwell / anyone within the barrier. However Maxwell Sanity will drain -100/minute, movement speed & attack speed reduced by 30% and cannot summon Shadow Servant / Duelist while channeling this ability. Last up to 1 minute, Cooldown 8 minutes / 1 day.

Benefit = will protect his friends against bosses with huge sanity drain like Deerclops (-400/min) or Ancient Fuelweaver (-400/min) or to save his friends from Nightmare Monsters.

Lore = Maxwell unleashed the full might of his mind, creating a dense psionic field that repel away negative energies. Though it takes tremendous effort on Maxwell, he would never hesitate to stand for people he once tormented. He never liked owing a favor...

Visual effect = a soft-purple circle surrounding Maxwell, both Maxwell and players inside the circle will have soft-purple hue screen effect (like sepia-tone screen on Summer)


No 2

Rabid Shadows = Maxwell's attacks have 30% chance to summon a shadow terrorbeak that charge upon the enemy, dealing 40 damage to enemy and increase its damage taken by 50% for 3 seconds. This ability consume 3 HP / second (can't be reduced by armor), Healing from all source will be reduced by 50%. Last until canceled or death, whichever comes first. Cooldown 8 minutes / 1 day.

Benefit = For risk takers, let's play with darkness and see who die first.

Lore = Maxwell had seen things that should not be seen, felt absolute nothing yet crushed under utter damnation in the lone throne where even light must die. Now in the Constant, he would gladly unleash the true horror upon his adversaries.

Visual effect = Maxwell will glow between colors of angry red and total black, with trails of dark gray liquid following his steps, was that his blood?


Just my imagination ran wild while thinking about Maxwell's abilities, Ability 1 inspired by his strong sanity regen and Ability 2 obviously inspired by new Lunge / Charge effect from Shadow Duelist XD

Thanks for reading guys! <3




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