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players who try maxwell for the first time might need an in game aid.

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Shadow gear boost duelist, love it, insane, 10/10 mechanic.

however, taking into account that the game does not give you a clue about how much dmg you dealt against enemys other than that they die faster (which is diffciult to notice on its own), i think there should be a hint to indicate this to the player.

On my humble opinion i think the essaiest and most effective way will be to give maxwell additional quotes for the bossting gear, like how warly has ana aditional quote for dishes he ate recently.

For example, maxwells quote for the night armor is: "Time to wrap myself in nightmares",then he could follow this sentece saying something like:

"Might not protect my mind but will for sure powered it"

"And make them serve me"

"So i can rule over them"

"And grow my affinity with them"

Same for the thulecite gear and the fuelweaber drops.

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