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all amulets (except the green one) should be refuable.

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The lazy forager just by this change has come from not even worth to craft to an universally usefull tool for resource harvesting. And i think all other amulets would benefit from this hange to.

Life giving amulet, it will finally be a good healing alternative when you are chilling on an area after doing some fighting.

Chill amulet, same as before when you are building on an area you can spend nightmarefuel for infinite cool on summer.

Nightmare amulet, probably the one who needs it the most, farming nightmarefuel pre fuel weaber hat its kind of annoying, if this amulet could be refuable we will had a good way to spawn nightmare creatures nonstop and it will not outclass the bone helm since this last one doesnt need refuelling and makes shadow creatures neutral.

Thanks for reading.

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