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Small Beefalo/Chester QOL.

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People who've tamed a Beefalo will understand what I'm talking about: your Beefalo keeps wandering miles away from his bell so he can get in the way of whatever it is you're doing. He will sit right on top of you so you can't open chests, access crock pots, keep him safe from mobs and so on.

Chester on the other hand follows too slowly. You have to walk for quite a long distance before he will leave his spot. I've also heard there's an issue where his wake-up animation is very long (like five seconds) and can get him killed because mob attacks don't cancel the animation so he could start to escape with you.

My fix suggestions:

  • Make the Beefalo wander less far from his bell. I'm thinking half the range of what it is now.
  • Still have the Beefalo walk towards you, but make him stop when he's like 1.5 tiles away from you. I think it should be possible to code it so that he doesn't also run away from you when you want to ride him. Like the player could walk within the Beefalo's range without issues, but the Beefalo can't walk into the player's 1.5 tile range on its own. I feel like this would be realistic behaviour as well.
  • Reduce the range threshold where Chester starts hopping back to the player. Possibly address the wake-up animation thing (haven't tested it myself).
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