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Woodie & those Damn Bats

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I like Woodie. He's a fun character with a lot of cool & unique mechanics. He's very strong early on, easily the best character at getting a base set up and a world going. However he also has some significant flaws that make it unpleasant to stay on Woodie for long and actively work against completing the game.

The Problems

  • Woodie is a character that likes chopping trees and being in the woods. However in practice chopping lots of trees tends to drain Woodie's sanity because it causes Treeguards & Poison Birchnutters to appear. Additionally during the Halloween event, Woodie is by far the most vulnerable to the tree-bats.
  • Woodie cannot ever collect Glommer's flower or complete the Moonstorm or Moon-Caller Staff events, since each of those occur at or cause a full moon that in turn causes Woodie to transform.
  • Woodie's forms are not created equal, with both the Goose and the Beaver falling off dramatically past the first couple of seasons.



  • Allow the Beaver & Moose forms to swim. Moose are actually amazing swimmers and will regularly cross open ocean to get between headlands & islands in northern Canada. Beavers exist to swim and are in real life very ungainly on land by comparison.
  • Add some kind of charm that can be worn or some kind of potion that can be drunk that will prevent transformation, allowing Woodie to pick up Glommer's Flower or to do the events necessary to reach Celestial Champion.
  • Give the Goose form a honk attack with a long cooldown. This slows attacking enemies, but it's main use would be with a Moose/Goose. Once per Moose and once per Goose (they swap off halfway through Spring at each nest site) Woodie as a Weregoose can honk to force the dropping of a couple of Down Feathers.
  • The Weregoose totem does not drain health at all, but instead hits Sanity a lot harder than the other two.
  • Woodie generates a small amount of Sanity when chopping down a tree, 1-2-3 depending on the size of the tree.
  • Lucy can be upgraded on the Lunar Island with some Moon Glass into Glucy, which has massively improved attack damage against plant mobs but has a chance to shatter when used against anything else.
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