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Maxwells rework makes him a rare type of summoner.

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As we know the maxwell rework is currently in beta and i wanted to talk about his abilities in the rework and how his puppets and shadow pillars make him one of the rarest and most complex summoner's in video games.

Maxwells ability to carry out tasks in multiple locations or even fight through summoning and commanding duelists would make you think that hes a summoner class and your right but in said summoner class hes actually a "puppeteer" a rare form of summoner that summons and commands minions to carry out tasks its multiple locations through multitasking. (example having a minion guard an area while another follows your command)

as for the pillars they remind me of lunia's puppeteer being able to set up a wall to halt enemy movement to advance (tho she had a rep to troll the team with it)

I actualy have mained maxwell for a couple years and loved this ability with him and this rework seems to be enhancing that.  if this is the route the new maxwell is taking then im all in for it.

P.S. if theres a way to make the spiders aggro the duelist more and not maxwell through them being the first attacker i miss being able to clear 2 lv 2 dens this way.

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I agree I always pictured him like this,  constantly summoning minions is rad and being told to properly gear up and fight with them to buff them just feels right

Hopefully they don't feel the need to nerf anything since I feel he's in a pretty balanced spot right now on interactivity

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Same, they are heading the right path, yet more control is vital. Something like in the mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2809332721&searchtext=maxwell
Though having some spells is nice too, but i hope Klei doesn't consider him too op because of that and nerf down, as there are still characters who are better, just not as good solo farmers as him

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