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Add Warly specific perks from his spices

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Hello, I love Warly but one of his bad side is that he get as much power from his spices than all other characters. 

So I came with theses ideas:

  • Honey crystals gives Warly a speed boost whenever he picks something. And it has 2 similar effects base on object he picked:
    • picking a regular object gives a 100% speed boost for 1 second (it will help when Warly picks the stuff he just chopped, mined, hammered, or make garden harvest faster)
    • picking heavy object (like giant crop) will no longer make Warly slow, but only for 1 or 2 seconds (enough time to move the crop away from garden, but it is not so efficient enough to move chess piece all the way.
  • Chili flakes gives Warly frenzy : he attacks 10% faster each time he makes an attack. Frenzy reset if Warly does not attack for 1 or 2 seconds.
  • Garlic powder applies a 16% damage reduction on Warly's armor (it might be too OP, but I believe this damage reduction should be given by seasoning salt, the hardest spice to get)
  • Seasoning salt (or garlic powder if they swap), makes Warly to smell so much that, during 10 seconds, it makes the mobs approaching him to be feared and run away for 1 or 2 seconds (boss excluded of course).


All values are subject to be balanced but I think those additional effect would make Warly a bit more viable to play on his own instead of just being the cook.

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