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The damage falloff is... weird.

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Currently, Shadow duelist's damage falloff is based on distance from Maxwell to the duelist, not Maxwell to the monster the duelist is attacking. This has a pretty noticeable impact on large creatures. For example:

There's a shadow duelist behind this AG that is affected by damage falloff:

There's a shadow duelist in front of this AG that is not affected by damage falloff:

Also: their damage always goes to 20 beyond a certain range regardless of what shadow gear you have on.

Is any of this intended? The patch notes said proximity only affects attack speed.

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The shadow gear buff seems to be an all or nothing buff that works in a radius around maxwell. Maybe its to stop you spawning duelists in for a fight then running off as they do the hard work. Forces you to be close to the fight itself. Im happy enough with how this works tbh.

Attack speed is affected based on if Maxwell joins the fight or not, plus proximity.

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