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my animations aren't compiling.... again.

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Two problems here.

You are missing the sprites cheeks-0 and cheeks-1. The autocompiler can't compile your character if any sprites it expects are missing. If you don't want those sprites, the easiest thing to do is to put them back and just leave the canvas completely transparent. You can just grab the cheek sprites from your "clubpenguinmaster_cleared" folder and use those.

Secondly, you have changed "esctemplate" to "clubpenguinmaster" in your modmain but haven't changed the names of the .scml files. Rename "esctemplate.scml" to "clubpenguinmaster.scml" and also rename "ghost_esctemplate_build.scml" to "ghost_clubpenguinmaster_build.scml".

Your character should then compile and load in properly!

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