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Teleportation through the Magician's Top Hat - suggestions

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  Some suggestions for the changes being rolled out to Maxwell:


  • The inclusion of some shadow tentacles, with their damage, to the Shadow Sneak spell;

  (Animation suggestion: as soon as they enter the spell's zone of effect, include the appearance of shadow tentacles, which should slap enemies and, with that, scare / drive them away)


  • Sending the items collected by the shadow servants automatically to a Magician's Box pre-selected by Maxwell;


  • The option to decide, at the time of invocation, whether shadow servants and shadow duelists will be free or limited to an area;

  (Mechanical suggestion: the choice to be assigned to a button. For example, if the button is pressed, shadow servants and shadow duelists will spawn free, and if not pressed, they will spawn limited to that area)


  • Finally, the grand finale: allowing Maxwell to do a great trick with his Magician's Top Hat that can take him out of one place and send him to another Magician's Top Hat, located elsewhere on the map. That is, adding a teleport that will only work between Magician's Top Hats scattered around the map, which means a network of magic points that Maxwell can travel to. It is also possible to add a teleport in which the player does not select the Magician's Top Hat that will receive Maxwell, but which, as a consequence, will have a random destination.

  (Animation suggestion: Maxwell, during a big trick with his Magician's Top Hat, is swallowed by it and ejected by another Magician's Top Hat)



  From here on out, it's just ideas thrown around:


  • During teleportation, have a very rare chance of leaving a rabbit behind;

  • When selecting that you want to teleport without choosing the Magician's Top Hat that will be used as a destination, have a 15% chance to stop in front of the shadow statues;

  • If a player is too close to Maxwell when he randomly teleports, their character will also be pulled by the Magician's Top Hat. About the place that will be thrown, have a 75% chance to end up in the same destination as Maxwell and a 25% chance to stop in front of the statue of Maxwell.


  The above text was translated using Google Translate. I apologize for any errors and/or lack of cohesion and coherence.

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