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Opinions on the beta of a maxwell main

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Sorry for the english, I'm using the translator
I liked the changes in maxwell, I think it's going in a good way and just needs a little polishing, I'll give my opinions and contributions to what I think is necessary.

  • Shadow Servant - I like how they are and the only change I would like to see is that the items collected by them go straight to shadow dimensional storage if there is space, not having them collect as they currently do (allowing them to harvest grass and sticks would also be a nice update and most welcome.).

  • Shadow Duelist - Another step in the right direction in my opinion but still underwhelming, I believe I should give up on the kiting idea and increase damage to 50, mobs health are generally multiples of 50, thus making 50 a better atk value and maybe the lifespan equaled of the servant just to make it easier to farm nightmare fuel, i'd rather summon duelists than minions to farm nightmare fuel.

  • Animation of codex reading when invoking shadows - I believe it must be a little smaller, it seems to me to take a long time to summon them now that you summon them in spam, especially with shadow duelists.

  • Shadow Pillars - Awesome, not much else to add at most would increase cast range but not really necessary.

  • Shadow Sneak - In my opinion disappointing, I may be missing something but I don't see myself using this spell, I believe it should be changed to make it a trap that deals damage and not fear would be extremely useful in a way that would be good for dealing with hordes but not a good one option against bosses, could still be used against bosses if desired but the cost was not worth it, again I think 50 damage is a good value but if 50 is too much against bosses there could be a reduction in damage when hitting bosses.
    A complete rework to a completely different spell would also be an option (although I find it more unlikely)

  • Magician's Top Hat and Magician's Box - Simply my favorite part of the rework, amazing, wonderful, nothing more to say.

  • Magician's Top Hat, Magician's Box, and Shadow Chester are all connected to one shadow dimensional storage - I have mixed feelings about it, Magician's Top Hat and Magician's Box connected is amazing in any situation but being connected to Shadow Chester gives me conflicting feelings, in an organized game with friends it's just amazing in pubs worries me a little, now being connected to other maxwell players don't seem so cool to me as cool as it is to pass items from one to the other over long distances you are also taking storage away from one of the maxwells and I would be inclined to hope that no more maxwells enter the world because it seems to me more a disadvantage since it is possible to pass items at long distances through the Magician's Box and Shadow Chester so I have 2 suggestions for that, separate the shadow dimensional storage from the maxwells each having their own and working only in the Magician's Box they built and Magician's Top Hat that they enchanted and the Shadow Chester can be activated and deactivated if maxwell wants (a spell maybe) like this in pubs You can choose if you want to share your shadow dimensional storage via chester or not, Shadow Chester would only be connected to the maxwell that made the call.

  • Maxwell now resists sanity drain from Dark Sword and Night Armor - Just great, especially for dark armor which I at least didn't use much because of the sanity drain.

Conclusion, in general a good rework going in a good way but in need of polishing, in addition to the mentioned changes, I also think it needs some other skill or spell to make the rework amazing but I can't say what I would like it to be.

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