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Worker compromise?

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I think that we should have it both ways. I think we should be able to cast worker/duelist spells, but are also able to set down and craft permanent workers/duelists that work as previously. These are obviously more expensive, but solve the whole “rocks are spread out” problem. 

2. Maybe shadow armor and dark sword can be crafted at the codex umbra as well?

Partially to make the codex umbra float again <3 klei pls

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I think it'd be cool if there were a way to make servants and duelists pseudo-permanent while also not being over-reaching.

Maybe by placing the one and only Codex Umbra on the ground in the puppet's radius, the shadow puppets would be kept alive while the book is out. Allowing the puppets to last much longer than by themselves, while also balanced by the fact that Maxwell can't cast spells without the book and must also pick up the book at some point as well.

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