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Beta Feedback and Suggestions

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Loved the beta so far but there is still something missing... controll

Maxwell should have some form of control over his servants, maybe by equiping the book or having a new spell for that. My suggestion is that every servant around maxwell, when equiping the book or using the spell, would start following him and obeying his command:

  • If the player clicks a tree the servants will chop it down and all others nearby;
  • if the player clicks an enemy all duelist will go facetank the mob until the player commans then to retreat allowing a better kite pattern;

But this is not an overhall of the current mechanics, if the player spawn the servants without the book equip, or just no using the command spell, the servants will behave just how they are now so we can leave a bunch of servants at base cutting trees while we are building stuff, cooking, or building. If the player cancel the spells, or unequip the book, the servants will fall back to their current behaviour.

This change would probabily appeal to players who loved the previous servants and the players who like the current. and it would be a great solution to the duelists since maxwell could use them more effectively against bosses and othes enemies if the played well. Would be an interisting sight an small army of shadow duelist kiting a Deerclops. If it feels overkill we could make the duelist whit one 1hp so that any hit would kill then in this state.

Another cool spell to be added to the codex would be a mind control where the player would assume control over one of its puppets for it's duration and life. This would allow the player to spawn a duelist and go fight an enemy while maxwell would follow behind running away. If the servent dies or the main body takes a hit maxwells sanity would be greatly affected, maybe even its max sanity for some time so he could go insane for some time, and the spell would fall apart making us regain controll over maxwell. The servant would not be able to equip armors or wepons but would be really useful on the early game to avoid maxwel being hit.



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I dont think we’ll get a rework like this.

i have nothing against it for combat purposes. I just dont think commanding the shadows to dodge attacks will work all that well. 90% of kiting imho isnt the actual dodge, its knowing when to stop attacking, which you cant control with shadows. Half will run immediately the other half will finish their attack and get hit, or the first half will be heading back when the enemy attacks. But the second half will dodge. Etc etc. Itd be a lot of work for a lot less dps than facetanking them. 

as for the idea for labor, i just cant see ordering them all to do one task being efficient in the slightest. You’ll just prevent them from spreading out

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