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One Idea for Maxwell's Spells and One Idea for the Stage Area

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Hello Everyone,

I gotta say, this Maxwell update is pretty legit. I'm digging everything the Devs are doing... with one little idea.

What if the Imbued TopHat were a craft-able item instead. Give it the translucent nightmare fuel look and possibly add an additional skin for it on the release date. Then in it's place on the spell wheel menu... a Temporary NightLight Spell.

I know, I know... Wicker already has a Light Spell, but a Temporary NightLight-looking Spell will have far greater utility than the Imbued Hat Spell. Plus a Shadow NightLight will look soooo cool.

Then one other thought, I really like the idea of the new Stage being in the Ruins. A Theater is usually a dark environment (like the Ruins), the Ruins is where we get lore on Them (so it kinda makes sense for the performance to occur here), the Lush Carpet details REALLY pop during the nightmare cycle, and the player experience will be very DST-esque if we find the Costumes top-side and the Stage in the Ruins entrance. If a player finds the Costumes top-side, then we would be lead to believe they have no other purpose than cosmetics... unless we brave the Caves and find the Ruins. Imagine, as your heart is racing from the adrenaline one gets stumbling around in the darkness of the Ruins... we find the Stage at the entrance... and then it dawns on us... THIS is where you're suppose to bring/use those silly Costumes! GREAT... thanks Klei... now I gotta run alllll the way back topside and bring alllllll those Costumes allllllllll the way back down here just to get that juicy lore performance.

Just an idea since the Stage looks a little odd top side, imo.

For anyone questioning how would the Stage area grow roses in the darkness of the Ruins... simple. How do the roses grow after you defeat the Fuel Weaver? Ans: from MAGIC!

Thank you for your consideration and here are some photos to make the idea a little more vivid, please enjoy.

Hugs and Kisses,

Ruins Stage Entrance Location.jpg

Stage Phase Chill.jpg

Stage Phase Nightmare.jpg

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