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Need help translation mod (French)

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Hi there, 


i'm paying attention to translate the game in french

i'm starting from this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1462877774&searchtext=fr


i've seen french.po and strings.pot 

now i'm confused, for example "hounds are baying" is already translated in french but doesn't appear in game

i pass the mod in server and it could works but that's not satisfying 

How to make this


msgid "The hounds are baying."
msgstr "Les molosses grognent."


being functionnal 

same for 


msgid "A more relaxed playstyle with less threats from the world.\nSurvivors will not die from starvation, freezing, overheating, or the darkness.\nDamage to survivors is reduced. Resurrection is always available via the Florid Postern."


doesn't appear in game .... 

in advance ....THANKS : D 


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