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Quick Question about Updates

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Back when Year of the Catcoon rolled out and we got the new minigame where we could raise one of our own, I was diligent about playing with mine daily, keeping it clean, feeding it, and making time to admire how adorable it was while it slept. I was committed to seeing what it would eventually become with a steady diet of love and attention (and food). My boyfriend didn't bother with his, and one day when he signed in to poke at it, he made the heartbreaking discovery that I'm sure some of you have also encountered. That encouraged me to double up on the playtime with mine, to be absolutely sure Chunkle wasn't going anywhere. But, after thirty days, I launched DST and my kitty was gone. No Dear John letter, no angry mess, no desecration to our Buddy Time Photo Album. It was just gone, like I had never had it.

I got sad and counted eggs for a bit, trying to figure out what the problem was.

I had a really high score because I used to play the Red Bird game a lot. It was very rare that I could beat my high score, because it was already pretty high, so I thought it was unusual that I got a new high score after stumbling through a bad round. That was when I noticed that all of my minigame scores were reset to 0. My data got wiped some how. In all the years I've had Steam, DST, and my other games, nothing had ever happened before that managed to erase my records; nothing short of moving from an old laptop to a new one, for example, and losing old world files if I didn't manually bring them over on a USB drive. I've been so afraid of this happening again, that I stopped playing my games altogether. (That's just how I cope with technology; if it's flaky and there's a chance that I'll lose something I was working on, I drift away from it, forget about it, and hope that some day I'll hear that someone else found an easy solution so I can repair my files/settings before I accidentally damage or lose them.)

So, my question was, exactly which settings in which apps (Steam, DS, DST?) are responsible for automatically pushing updates that could potentially reset user data? My Skins, Compendium, and Obituaries were all still intact. I only lost my minigame data. (I've always shut off any easily accessible auto-update settings [that's just an old habit of mine], so my Windows isn't doing it.)

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