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I think we need expanded sound controls

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The balance of sound effects in the game seems to me to be terribly out of whack, and I don't think you'd find many matching opinions as to which specific sounds need rebalancing, so I'm hoping that someday we have an in-depth sound option listing where every individual sound effect can have its volume adjusted, with an option to save and load presets, including those generated by other players.

Assuming the above would be a major undertaking and an unreasonable expectation in the face of the no doubt many other interesting things Klei has in mind for the future of this game, I would greatly appreciate at least reducing the sound of the friendly fruit fly's snoring by roughly 50% and the hum of activated telelocator foci by 75%, and to increase the volume of the birds to around 75% of what the friendly fruit fly's snoring is now.

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