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Manually editing client mods configuration (i.e. out of game via config files)

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Hi. I know you can edit listen/dedicated server mods configuration manually via modoverrides.lua in the server configuration location, i.e.


These server configuration files are human readable and easily manually editable.

However, how can I edit configuration of client mods via configuration files? I found out that there are config files located here:

...\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\<some number>\client_save\mod_config_data

but all the files here are written in some, perhaps proprietary, format. Any idea on how to read and edit these files? Or perhaps the readable config files are located elsewhere?

I need this because:

a) For most mods, you can type your own values in the configuration instead of the ones provided by modders for better fine-tuning. I would like to be able to do this for client mods too.

I.e. for mod "Fast travel (GUI)", the in-game configuration is restricted to these values for hunger cost multiplier: X0.25, X1.0, X2.0, X4.0, X8.0. But via modoverride.lua, you can put any value you want there, as the field is used as s simple float value.

b) I am writing a GUI mod configuration app that can easily allow editing server mod configuration files. As an added feature I wish to include the ability to configure client mods too.

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Wow, I wish there could be a GUI modscreen where number values can be write into a textbox, boolean values can be a checkbox. Currently we only have keybind.

These files are decoded & encoded using thesim.getpersistentstring
 I cannot figure out the format as well.

Hope others can answer.

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