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Does a flower spawn on wrecked Glommers statue?

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Hello y'all,

I struck down glommers statue because I read that this was necessary to obtain the old bell blueprint. Turns out it's not necessary in the mobile game because on world2 I was able to craft the bell without doing this, using the wings and flower. By the time I learned this I had already destroyed the statue in world1 and saved though. Now most forums say the flower spawns even on a wrecked statue but I don't find one during full moon. It should be noted that in this world, the situation is a bit complicated. I had just killed deerclops and wanted to make it to glommers statue by the end of the night and have him killed on the way by a catcoon, who is relatively close to glommers statue, no further than 5-10 seconds walking, which may impact the spawn of the flower I assume. Since the flower was not there I closed without saving so that I may keep glommer if I really can't get him back because of this mistake. It would be nice to know if I'm right :)

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