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Most loading times take longer and most sprites don't overlap right and some other bugs. edit2:better picture and a new bug

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Making a world, entering caves, leaving caves, resuming a world and leaving worlds feels longer than before.

With sprites overlapping wrong, i mean that trees show their trunk, sea weeds show their root part because the actuall enemy is behind their roots (look at the foto, but with me it's also with barnacles), the white wave lines show trough boats (not the literal big waves, but the lines you see at sea everywhere) and when you're at the end of the map, a white line is shown on the minimap (a square shape around the end of the map that's probably the real border of the world) + framerate drops when going under the canopy of the waterlogged biome which also doesn't have the leaf shadows or big hanging vines around the place and doesn't have different sized trees (either only medium or small), the clouds at the end of the map are glitchy.

This is a post i'll regulary update with more bugs i find etc..., so this also has some bugs from another post i posted. Some of these bugs are cosmetic and not so problematic, but others can sometimes be frustrating.

But like i said, this update was amazing and i'm thankfull DST is even on switch! We all start somewhere rough, but we get there eventually! (the switch port released rough, but it got better and better after some waiting, so that's awesome!).

Thank you Klei for all these updates!

image.png.ebf0228af3ac94c875595fa7ca25fbd0.png <-these wave lines

image.thumb.png.596f1a9e9b700d4b825550b389ee9592.png <-this, look at the bottom part

image.png.889f26822127a47e43445c25501b1b83.png <-you don't really see it here, but it's very obvious when you actually play the game.


This extra part is what i mean with 'border lines'

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