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The range of potential Pirate Raids is too large.

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So I was fighting Crab King and ended up getting raided by pirate monkeys. I could understand this with unfortunate world gen, but apparently my world falls under that term. Supposedly their range is something like 200 tiles, or like a quarter of the map. Sounds about right looking at my own map. I can understand wanting to give people an indicator if Monkey Island is nearby, but when the range is this big it gets to the point that you'll still have no idea where it is.

I think the range of possible pirate raids should be limited roughly to the end of the waterlogged biome in my map (see spoiler). That way they still pose a threat, but with less risk of them interfering with the Crab King fight. As it stands you're kind of screwed if they generate in the same map quadrant, which is not unlikely since Lunar and Pearl island also need to spawn somewhere.




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