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Water astreod,rebalance.

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Now the water asteroid is not water, but salt water.

Removed all water geysers on a water asteroid.
Added two hot salt water geysers to the water asteroid.

Salt water temperature on a water asteroid is now 50 degrees.

The water asteroid is now much deeper in size.


New plant:Kelp.

Food:salt water.

Sucks water from adjacent salt water tiles.
Receives water not from the cell of growth, but from adjacent cells with salt water.

Brown algae, when mature, secrete a stack of algae infected with lung mucus.
You will have to use an ore cleaner for further use of the algae.

Comfortable temperature 40-150 degrees.

Size 1*(3-6) cells.
6 cells maximum plant height.
The size depends on the height of the reservoir.
The taller the plant, the more it consumes and the more algae it produces.
On each cell of the plant, a fruit ripens, it must be collected to obtain a stack of algae.
Brown pacu eat a percentage of fruit growth.
Also, the plant itself after sowing should grow up for a long time.



Added new pacu morph:Brown pacu.

Brown pacu can now eat part of the plant's growth(Kelp).

The chance of getting brown paku is increased if the paku is in salt water and 40+ degrees.

Comfortable temperature 50-90 degrees.

Minimum degrees:40.


Added a new suit:Scuba.
Can be crafted at the Atmosuit Workbench.
Scuba requires glass and fiber.
Scuba is refueled at the scuba station, carbon dioxide is dumped into canisters at the scuba station.
Scuba allows you to move freely in liquids, in any direction.
Not in water imposes a movement speed penalty.

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