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Need help with metheus puzzle

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I managed to get the torch and was waiting for my brother to get his so I can get the cane, but ended up just using his account to get it for him. I did the metheus puzzle puzzle and finally figured the second part out and it refreshed on me. But I checked on the slab and it let me see it. I can only try getting it on the switch because I could ask for one of my brothers for his laptop, but we don't have a way for the other one to get one. When I try putting the things in it says it deems me unworthy. I've translated the password to be 1 walking cane, 1 rabbit, 5 petals, 5 nightmare fuel, 1 orange gem, and 2 thulecite. Can someone please let me know if my translation is wrong or if I need a computer to finish it. I don't want to redo it because not only did it take forever to get it, but I don't like asking someone for their phone so I could do it.



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