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[Bug Fix Request] Touch Control Movement Conflicting With Virtual Joystick

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Hey all,

I just wanted to express some frustration that I’ve had with the touch controls for Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition+.

Just recently got Apple Arcade and saw this game. Have played Don’t Starve Together on Steam so I was excited to play it.

I notice that whenever I try to drop an item by dragging it out of my inventory, it wants my character to move to that specific spot that I’ve dragged to in order to drop said item. Every other game I’ve played has never had this as a behaviour, and I suspect it’s because of the primary focus on touch inputs rather than interaction buttons. It should just drop the item wherever you’re standing, instead of moving the character to drop it there.

Also, when the virtual joystick is superimposed over a tree or some other object, I struggle to move my character again using the virtual joystick. The intended behaviour is to have the WHOLE joystick circle to be completely… “isolated” or “immune” from the environment sitting underneath it, so that you don’t accidentally tap the object underneath the joystick.

However, what is currently implemented is that you CAN tap the object that’s hiding underneath the joystick and your character moves towards the object (in my case, it was a Giant that was chasing me, and it resulted with me running at it). This shouldn’t be a thing that happens if I enable the virtual joystick. If I have the joystick off, I understand that’s how movement works in this game. But this shouldn’t conflict with the virtual joystick when it’s enabled. THIS is my primary frustration.

I want to play this game a bit more, but these main issues are really hindering my enjoyment.

Please rectify this so that the joystick is not overtaken by the touch movement interface. And please make this available on the standard DS:PE. Don’t lock this to the Apple Arcade only as a bug fix.

Edit: I realise I should provide these details to assist with the bug fixing.

  • iOS Device (iPhone XR and iPad mini 6th Gen)
  • iOS Version Number: 16.0.2 for iPhone XR and 15.7 for iPad mini 6th Gen
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