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Hello! I'm a first time poster, long time reader of the forums. I have recently started modding this game pretty heavily, though it took a few years to build up the skill and experience necessary. After some pretty extensive searching, my friends and I have found no simple way of reversing the game's animations and tex files back to pictures and Spriter projects. There is ktools by nsimplex (https://github.com/nsimplex/ktools), though it requires compiling from (pretty old) source code and is not exactly user-friendly. So, I've spent the last two days headbashing C++ compilation to produce the compiled tool. But, I wanted to take that one step further for usability's sake. I have created a website that uses a more up-to-date fork of ktools created by victorpopkov (https://github.com/dstmodders/ktools) in order to make interfacing with the tool much easier. It can convert tex to png and the game's anim zips into Spriter projects, making reverse-engineering for modding much, much easier. I had never seen another project that made ktools simpler to use, so I wanted to share my solution for other modders having the same struggles. If you find issues or have suggestions to improve this site, take a look at the project's open-source Github here: https://github.com/ArmoredFuzzball/ktools-online

The website can be found here: https://axiomdev.net/ktools/

Thanks for the read!

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