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ideas for lunar based character items

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I have had some thoughts on what could be some character items that are more lunar based

thoughts i have so far are  below for eatch character

wilson: none unless a rework comes out

willow: a lunar bernie  that works when high sanity  and works the same as normal and also all gestalts target bernie.  crafted at lunar alter made as wolfgang takes 5 moon shards and a bernie 

wolfgang: a dumbbell that gains damage higher the players sanity  when  working out it  and depending on sanity goes from 3 to 10 mighty points per use can be repaired with moon glass 10% per 1 glass : crafted at moon alter as wolfgang 1 gem bell 5 moon shards

Wendy: a new flower that when put in a sisturn abigail gains a extra level and her hp scales with your sanity on this new level so less then base level 3 abi so like 500 when insane 35 sanity and below  and when you are sane it goes to a base 600 and every sanity after that gives 2 hp so about 930 when at 200 sanity: made with 1 Spectral Cure-All 5 Mourning Glory 4 moon glass shards : made at lunar alter as wendy doesnt spoil

wx-78: a new Circuit  that when used makes you have lunacy as if you are in a lunar thing ( lunar storm island or mush)  and higher lunacy/sanity better your damage/durability/efficiency costs 2 slots and gestalts will spawn and they work the same as the ones on lunar/mush: made with 1 moon moth 3 glass shards 2 moon rocks unlocked by scaning gestalts (other wx can't scan the gestalts from the wx with the circuit the gestalts only can hit a wx with the circuit)

wickerbottom: a amulet that can only be used as wicker bottom that changes her sanity to lunacy but  the longer she puts the more hp it takes to take it off : made at lunar alter as wickerbottom




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