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Remove Bramble Husk Attacks On Beefalo And Minions

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  Bramble husk is used a lot now, but its reverse damage effect can inadvertently hit your minions, which is very annoying.

  In particular, when the bramble husk's reverse damage hits the cow, it reduces the cow's domestication by 30%, equivalent to 6 days of wasted effort, and the cow will hate the player and take another reverse damage after attacking the player.

  Bramble husk's counter reverse damage is devastating to Maxwell's shadow, Wickerbottom's grumble bee, Webber's spider, and other players' minions.

  When not in PVP mode, bramble husk will not damage teammates, that's good, but it should also not damage the player's minions.

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I can't say I agree with this one. I think the danger the bramble husk poses to allies and minions makes a good counterbalance to how awesome it is for dealing with swarming enemies. Better to just learn when the situation calls for it, and use other armors when the AoE counter-spike would be a liability.

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