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Of hot and cold staves and stones

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I mean you can do that indirectly with the fire staff by lighting stuff on fire, though most players use a torch. I feel like for the ice staff the idea is that you're supposed to craft the chilled amulet with your blue gems if you want to cool yourself down. The idea is clever but I think the game's got it pretty well balanced as it is. It would basically turn the ice staff into a better luxury fan.

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I don't deny that we already have plenty of ways of beating the heat and the cold, I mainly offered this idea because it seems to me to make a lot of sense, and can make those staves more useful. There are definitely things that should be of higher priority, but I thought this was a neat idea and it'd bug me not to post it.

On the subject of it making an ice staff a better luxury fan though, I have to disagree. You don't need a thermal stone to cool yourself with a luxury fan, nor is the ice staff nearly as effective at fighting out of control fires.

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