Suggestion : Rituals and Illness

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I have immensly enjoyed this game so far.

It reminds me of a delightful cross between 'Tim Burton's Style' and 'Call of Cthulhu'. :

I have several suggestions that would be interesting [in my opinion], and would possibly add something :

Rituals : For example to grow an entire forest, or make a collection of rocks to mine ...ect

The general idea being to present something that is a double edged sword for those who like to gamble. so for example with the forest idea making it have a high chance to create several optimus pine as well. I imagine almost like the player being the center of an exposion of trees [and several optimus pine].

I enjoy the dark setting overall and feel that delving into 'forbidden magic' for some percieved benefit would suit the environment and probably not be too difficult to code [balance, probably ; code probably not].

Another unique thing that could happen would be an illness that changes gameplay : for example after being hit by a werepig : you might start to turn into one and lose the ability to gain sustenance from berries and vegetables [needing to rely on fresh blood to survive].

Anyways, whatever you do or don't do. I look on with bated breath, as you have already made all of the right design choices in my book.


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