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New Inventory System

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Hello everyone,


After sometime from making a character mod that had a custom item, I unfortunately noticed that the character's item doesn't appear in the special crafting section for that character. The only way I can craft it is by searching for the item as it doesn't appear in any category, not even in the weapon one.


Also, how would I make it so my character is the only one that can craft the item? Currently it's set so that anyone playing any character can craft it as long as the mod is enabled, but I would like it so that only the modded character can do so.


Thanks in advance :D

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22 minutes ago, kipper0k said:

AddCharacterRecipe("item", {Ingredient("item", 1), Ingredient("item", 1)}, TECH.SCIENCE_THREE, {builder_tag="TAG"})


Wow that was quick haha ty


Will this 1: fix the current inventory issue and also make it character specific? Also, would I put this in the item's prefab or character's?

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