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Mod to disable regenerate world vote

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I'm trying to set up a mod for a dedicated server, that will allow players to vote for rollbacks and kicking, but not for regenerating or banning. Unless I missed something, you can't specify it that way in the cluster.ini of the dedicated server (it's either all voting enabled or no voting at all). I didn't get anywhere, this is what a friend and I could come up with:

function SetUserCommandPermission()
GLOBAL.require("usercommands").GetCommandFromName("kick").vote = true
GLOBAL.require("usercommands").GetCommandFromName("kick").permission = "USER"
GLOBAL.require("usercommands").GetCommandFromName("ban").permission = "ADMIN"
GLOBAL.require("usercommands").GetCommandFromName("rollback").vote = true
GLOBAL.require("usercommands").GetCommandFromName("rollback").permission = "USER"
GLOBAL.require("usercommands").GetCommandFromName("regenerate").permission = "ADMIN"
AddPrefabPostInit("world", SetUserCommandPermission)

I tried this code last night but it makes players able to rollback without voting... and I don't remember what happened with the regen command but I believe it also didn't work...
Also let me know if there is any way to lower the amount of players needed for a vote, it'd be good to not need 3 folks to test this lol.

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I got it to work with 

function SetUserCommandPermission()

GLOBAL.require("usercommands").GetCommandFromName("regenerate").vote = false
AddPrefabPostInit("world", SetUserCommandPermission)

Turns out "vote" determines if players can start a vote and NOT if the command will go through one

The permissions just change who can run the command WITHOUT voting.

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