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Is accidental ingestion a feature or a fault?

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tl;dr version: please assign 'Fertilize Plot' as an "Inv Use Scene" action instead of an "Inv Use Self" action as pertains to controller settings, as it being locked to "Inv Use Self" pushes all other possible actions with fertilizers to "Inv Use Scene", including an action that should never be assigned as "Inv Use Scene": Eat.


Not quite sure how it works with mouse/keyboard, but with a controller, use of items is typically governed between the left directional button to use on target, such as adding fuel to a firepit or storing something in a chest, and the right directional button to use on self, such as eating or equipping something. Fertilizers mix it up a bit. Priority is given to 'Fertilize Plot', assigned to the right directional button, with the other available action always on the left. This in particular becomes a problem when it comes to rot, rotten eggs, and Glommer's goop. If you're adding them to a firepit, or a chest, or ice fling-o-matic or what have you, the left directional button will do that... BUT, if something gets in the way, you target the wrong thing, something you can't add the fertilizer to, the action assigned to the left directional button changes from 'Add Fuel' or 'Store' or 'Give'... to Eat, something otherwise always on the right directional button.

This leads to too many frustrating accidents. This needs to be changed. My simple proposition: for edible fertilizers, keep Eat on the RIGHT directional button! Fertilize Plot will work just fine, and match the established pattern of controls, assigned to the LEFT directional button. If you're in front of a firepit, or a chest, or anything else that fertilizer can be given to, the 'Give' or 'Store' or 'Add fuel' command can replace 'Fertilize Plot' while that condition is true. I would really appreciate this change, and I would imagine anyone else who uses a controller would too. Please consider this. I'm really sick and tired of ending up feeding my character rotten food when I'm trying to throw garbage in a firepit, and I can't be the only one.

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