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My mod tools file is completely missing an autocompiler?

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I've been following Bunka Hi and Sumi's custom character mod tutorials. I'd thought everything was going smoothly, but on the first little test, my game could not create servers while the mod was enabled. I wanted to troubleshoot via watching how the autocompiler reacted, but then I discovered that I just didn't have one.


(^ I'd seen it was supposed to be in the place)


P.S., I know I didn't add it to the title, but if anyone knows how to make the game script readable from Steam downloading I'd appreciate it. I needed an attribute from Wendy, her pipspook interactions specifically, and was really devastated to see that the scripts weren't common.

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Hey there!

That is weird. My first guess is try to delete and reinstall the mod tools. I have no idea if it works this way, but I've attached my autocompiler.exe in case all hope is lost.

I might have misunderstood the P.S. part, but this is where you can find the game prefab files (might be on another driver, depends on where you downloaded the game):
"D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\databundles\scripts.zip"

Inside that, open scripts, prefabs and locate the entity you're looking for.

It I misunderstood anything or something's still not working, feel free to ping me here.



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