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Fictional update:Small worlds.

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The update is aimed at small experimental asteroids, making them more balanced.


1)Change the power of the wires.

Heavy Watt Wire.
The maximum power has been reduced from 20 kilowatts to 10 kilowatts.

Heavy-Watt Conductive Wire.
The maximum power has been reduced from 50 kilowatts to 25 kilowatts.

Experimental asteroids do not have much space. Heavi-Watt Wire is enough for all needs, making Heavi-Watt Conductive Wire unnecessary. The change will make it insufficient to use only Heavi-Watt Wire.


2)New build. Big smart battery.


Jumbo battery and smart battery conflict. 40 KJ was not filled to the end, since 20 KJ is the limit of a smart battery.
There is a choice where it is worth abandoning one of the batteries.
The new battery has a huge energy loss, but at the same time, jumbo batteries and automation can be used with it.


3)New asteroid seeds and modifications.


Yes, I can create any hardcore / unusual world in the sandbox and be content with it. But still I would like more options.
These options will be designated: experimental. And ordinary small asteroids are no longer experimental.

Here is a photo of an unusual seed.



Modification is a plumbum core (500C).



The lead core means that you have frozen water on the asteroid seed and almost no metal. You will have to somehow cool the lead and get metal from it.




4)Frosty biome.


New plant added:Frosty carrots.



There are no seeds. You can not plant in gardens, fertilize.
Grows only in a cage of snow.
Absorbs the weight of a tile of snow, due to which it grows.
If the weight of the tile is exhausted and the carrots has not had time to grow, then the hedgehog will pick it up in priority and plant it in a new tile of snow.If the carrots is fully ripe, then it destroys the snow tile.
The hedgehog automatically throws objects stuck in the snow onto the surface of the cage (carrots or something else).
There are two types of carrots:
Ripe and unripe.
This is done so that the manipulators do not grab the unripe carrots.
Ripe carrots become the size of a cage. That is, it is very big ...

Growth: 30 cycles
(Requires a seed, which is why the growth made it take so long).
Productivity: 600 kcal per cycle (450 kcal, net income).
Gives: 13500 kсal.

A well-groomed hedgehog consumes: 450 kcal per day.
That is 3 plants for 1 hedgehog.
600*3=1800 kcal per cycle.
1800-450=1350 kcal per cycle including the hedgehog.
1350/3=450 kcal net gain.
That is 16,200 kcal from 3 hedgehog farms. A total of 12 hedgehogs and 36 frosty carrots.

Does not spoil from temperature (does not need to be stored in the refrigerator), but gases still spoil the carrot.


New creature added: Frost Hedgehog.




A unique animal that allows you to get an animal farm of plants.
Creates snow tiles and moves inside them. Going into the snow, he plants frosty carrots.
Will not create a tile of snow over a snow tile.

This animal is a farmer.It creates soil (snow) and plants carrots there to feed on it.
The hedgehog takes any plant seed and transforms it into carrots.
A groomed hedgehog creates 3 tiles of snow, each of which is planted by a carrots.
There are 16 cells in a standard room, 4 hedgehogs will fit, including buildings. 12 snow cells and 4 free ones.
The snow cell is not a room boundary.
The room may be shown to the player in a smaller volume, but the hedgehog considers the cells of the room in its own way, so there will be no conflicts.

Hedgehog Priority:
1) Eat.(A well-groomed hedgehog consumes: 450 kcal per day.)
2) Dig up debris from the snow cage, you can not plant a plant while the cage is occupied.
3) Grab unripe carrots and plant them in a loose snow cage.
4) Take a seed and plant it in a snow cage.

Hides in the snow, moves in it and does not collide with fellows. Throws out all the garbage.
Hides from Duplicants in the snow. If there is no snow, it rolls up into a ball and does not move. If you break the snow cell when it was in it, it will curl up into a ball for a cycle. (Incapacitated. No matter how they farm water from snow).
Climbs up 2 cells.
Like all animals, it drowns in liquids.
The wild hedgehog doesn't require seeds to plant anything, but it only plants one carrot.

Favorite temperature: -45 to -5.
Requires any Plant Seed to plant a Frosty Carrot.
Creates 10 kg of snow cells at the same temperature as himself.
Creates 1 cell per cycle.


I didn't finish the article, but I did some general features. I'll finish it later.


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