would this character be feasible to make?


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Walker, the spider king


Hunger: 275

Sanity: 150

Health: 125



-Neutral to spiders, can't tame them, 25% increased dmg to them


-Magic dice(uses 15 hunger to make a random buff, dmg, health Regen, speed, sanity Regen, sanity loss, groggy, )


-Spider Queen Hat causes Spider King Form (spider queen hat works as normal, speed boost, dmg boost, slow enemies on hit, night vision)


-Flares and fire damage cause temporary speed buff


-Unicorn Spider Gauntlet (grants 65% protection, 60 dmg, 115 dmg every 3rd hit plus acts like hit from ice staff, 200 uses, iridescent gem along with 7 silk and 3 thuelicite


-favorite food, veggie burger 


-gold crown (sanity gain over time and slows hunger drain slightly)



Faster hunger drain


Sleeping causes grogginess


Bishop causes higher sanity drain


Slower cooking


Picky eater (food in yellow or raw/monster meat he won't eat)


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