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The Idea of Dueling in a Coop Server

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The fencing sword item thingy gave me this idea (I know the name was just a pun that has something to do with fences or whatever)

but what if klei added an item e.g "duelist sword" that when equipped will make anyone with a duelist sword equipped be able to engage in PvP with you.

Players won't lose HP. instead there will be a points system based on something idk or maybe once you land a lot of hits the other player's duelist sword slips from their hands and you win 

Imagine you're bored in the game after idk doing whatever you were doing and you whip out the duelist sword and see someone else whip it out too. The duel just starts, no countdown no nothing. And if you unequip the sword to escape or whatever, you automatically lose coz ur ass

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