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My DST mods are completely broken and I cant join servers because of it

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My DST client is completely unable to function with any mods. This has a severe negative impact on my playing experience, and completely blocks me from joining servers with friends that have any mods.

I've tried to remove these mods from my steam account's cloud, my personal computer as well as try dozens of different methods online suggested on other forum communities to remedy this issue. I've verified the files' integrity countless times, wiped all the game data from my computer, the steam cloud, as well as the mods from my workshop.

It seems that any change made will have absolutely no effect on the current result whenever I attempt to join a server. The error message in question is, "Disconnected Due to Missing Mods: The server is running mods with an old version. The server owner must update the mods for new players to join."

The only odd thing is that one of my other friends managed to join the server without experiencing this error message.

So I'm very curious if this really an issue on the server owner's side or if its an issue that exists on my client-side.

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