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Help with character creation

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Hello! I was wondering if somebody could help me with at least the basics. Ill try to describe my problems in as much detail as i can and ill attach the files as needed. The file goes over the limit though, so if somebody could direct me as to which files they'd need to see to help thatd be thanked.



I'm creating a character named "Wendelia" 

I have delete some files through instruction from a video, and have used the autocompilier from mod tools. However when i start the game and try to create a world to test it i get this message "Dedicated server failed to start" the issue is definitely the mod itself, and additionally when i try to remove caves and start up a server, it crashes the game. I have not yet added any visuals to the mod.

I followed this tutorial (Don't Starve Together Character Mod Tutorial by Bunka Hi)

Thankyou in advanced :)


Made a few edits, it now comes up with this when I remove caves.


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The error message states that the autocompiler failed to find the big portrait asset of your character. This means that it knows what it should search for (so, presumably, everything works well in the lua files), the problem is about the asset itself, or about its location.

To create and then make the autocompiler find the files, you have to add a png to the bigportrait folder, name it properly (wendelia), and add it to the asset list in the modmain.lua (you just have to rename the esctemplate to wendelia if you're using the template).

After you run the autocompiler, check if it has created the other two files next to the png.

Beginner's mistake: the autocompiler only works if you put your mod inside the DST mods folder. If your folder is anywhere else, it won't work with it.

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