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follower despawn upon leader disconnecting

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follower as in webber's spider, wurt's merm and now wicker's grumble bees should despawn with (leader) player when disconnecting .just like beefalo despawning when player off the server) 
as for now i tried that grumble bees that wicker spawn will lose leader if player disconnecting and attack any nearby player just like spider follower 
i know there is mod to do this, but isnt this should be applied default on game? . 

also when player dies (while merm and spider wont attack the player upon respawning, grumble bees will attack wicker when she respawn) 

this can be another way to grief pub server since getting follower and the wicker book is rather cheap

oh this also annoying when rollback the server you near webber with spider army but u load faster than that webber the hoard of spider will automatically attack you even you not even loaded the screen yet 


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